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Remembering David A. Wells 2010

Written by Jim Carver   
Sunday, 09 May 2010 21:09
Posted 5/3/2010 11:44 PM EDT on

A year ago on May 3rd, we lost a friend. Many of us former members of the Lexington High School Band of Gold were fortunate to have worked for and with Mr. David A. Wells. David was special. He was a gift to us for ten years in Lexington, Ohio.

The legacy he left is truly astounding. Had it not been for his vision and passion there would be no Band of Gold. Without his work ethic, determination, and motivation we may have never known success. The traditions and philosophy he instilled inspired former students to return to Lexington to teach and continue the legacy of success.

Without Mr. Wells, the four walls of the band room in Lexington would not be lined with trophies two-rows high on each wall. The school fight song would not be “Buckeye Battle Cry” nor would the band perform the “Script Lex” during the pre-game show. We would have never received a Gold Medal of Honor.

I realized we were privileged to have been his students. I knew we were fortunate to have been in the company of one of the greatest music educators in the world. We will never know anyone like him again.  

As I was writing my book: The History of The Lexington High School Band of Gold, I had planned on flying to Boise, Idaho to interview Mr. Wells. My wife and I looked into airline reservations. I knew Mr. Wells had recently retired, which caused me some concern for his health. David was one to “never quit.”

Sadly, that same day David A. Wells passed away. The wealth of information and my desire to honor him, led me to change the book title to: The Legacy of David A. Wells-The Lexington High School Band of Gold. The book will fittingly only cover Mr. Wells era of excellence and will be released hopefully later this month..

Well done my friend. We were blessed!


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All Business!

Written by Jim Carver   
Sunday, 09 May 2010 21:04
Posted 2/5/2010 1:45 AM EST on Taylor Swift was the winner of four Grammy trophies at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, including the "Album of The Year" award for "Fearless." I want to congratulate Strongsville native Paul Sidoti. Paul is the lead guitarist for Taylor Swift. I mentioned meeting Paul in a previous blog while backstage at a Michael Stanley and The Resonators show at the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio. Paul seemed to be a nice young man, clearly a happy individual; who was on the edge of success. 

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Paul was tough to spot onstage at the award show with the low lighting. He stood behind the keyboards while performing Stevie Nicks "Rhiannon" on acoustic guitar. Paul played keyboards on Taylors hit  -"You Belong to Me." Normally, he is front stage with Taylor Swift.

Ex-Cleveland drummer, Jimmy Clark was touring with the Taylor Swift entourage as part of the rigging crew. Jimmy told me in October, "Taylor is the nicest, most genuine person I've ever worked with in the music business. She is the real deal. I am hoping to spend the next five or six years touring with her. She (Taylor) is going to be huge, he said."

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Jimmy Clark is no stranger to the music industry. He started drumming with the Cleveland, Ohio based bands - H.C. Hooker, Sweetleaf, Souvenir, and Beau Coup, followed by a brief stint with the Columbus, Ohio band -The Godz. 

After moving to New York City, he performed with: Joan Jet (check out the YouTube video- I Hate Myself for Loving You) and Glen Burtnik (now a member of Styx), Patty Smyth, Michael Monroe, and Blondie . 

Jimmy later moved to Nashville. He then toured with: VanZant (Lynyrd Skynyrd members), Blackhawk (Henry Paul of the Outlaws), Wynonna Judd, Jason Meadows, and Winger. In 2008 and 2009, he worked rigging for Van Halen's latest tour and joined the Taylor Swift crew in 2009. 

I trust Jimmy's opinion. He's seen the good and bad of life on the road and the inside of the music industry. Days prior to the Grammy's show it was announced that Jimmy will be the drummer in the upcoming Michael Monroe band. Congratulations Jimmy!

Three hours after the Grammy's show, the Taylor Swift band was headed to the airport for Australia to start the next leg of their tour. No partying for this band. It's all business and success for these kids!

Until We Meet Again,
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